Are you tired of trying to believe your excuses for not creating?

Stop Waiting, Start Creating invites you to a different possibility.


"Stop Waiting, Start Creating" is an introduction to a new way of being in the world. An introduction to a new way of creating your ideas, your life, your business and your desires. Imagine living in a world where what you desire to create is more relevant and desirable than focusing on the problems you think you have to fix...

My vision is for every person on planet earth to be able to create the life and the reality they desire. Not from the space of what's not working, but from a space of what is truly possible. This is more than a book about creativity. It's about creating what YOU know is possible in the world.

As artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, change-makers, and seekers of new possibilities, we are all creators. What you know as being creative and creating your ideas is almost always limited by the energies and ideas you have learned by living in tune with other people's expectations. That approach leads to procrastination, doubt and self-criticism, rather than the creative magic you truly could be enjoying.

Stop Waiting, Start Creating asks questions designed to lead you into unexpected adventures and innovative approaches to creating, through the exploration and expansion of your personal creative process, whether you think you’re creative or not! You'll begin to create consciously, instead of unconsciously, with ease instead of suffering, and with playfulness instead of seriousness.

Is it time to expand your capacity to out-create what exists? If you were the leader of the entire world, what would you create? The good news? You are the leader in *your* amazing world. Let's start!






Lisa Murray is the Australian founder of Creativity Lab, a thriving international business which invites you to Nurture Your Ideas Into Life™. MBA qualified, Lisa is an unconventional business coach, prolific writer and creative adventurer.

"Stop Waiting, Start Creating" is the first in a series of books about creating your ideas. Lisa offers innovative online programs and live events for entrepreneurs, change agents and creatives who are willing to go beyond the status quo. She is offering live events in Europe, Australia, USA and Mexico over the coming months.

If YOU could create anything, what would you choose?



What's different about this book? It's the difference between knowing you 'should' change something, or create something... and actually doing it. It's a book full of magic that takes away your excuses and invites you into a playful space where creating becomes fun... not just another thing to add to that never-ending and totally boring 'to-do' list.  Here are just a few of the chapter headings... curious? You know what to do!! BUY the BOOK!! And then allow your excuses and stories to melt into some other world. All the tools are provided to get you moving into action today! ;)


"Stop Waiting, Start Creating is for anyone who has ever had a desire to get their creativity juices flowing. Lisa Murray offers practical advice to get out of your stuck place or any of your points of view that limit your ability to create. A practical guide that is written with a twist of humor and lightness that makes it a delight to read and a breeze to use! I highly recommend it!!"  Annie Gelfand, Radical Wisdom. Ontario, Canada.

"While reading Stop Waiting, Start Creating, I became so inspired for creating my business and life with joy and fun! This book is like having a best friend who believes in you, and who reminds you that you already have everything it takes. Stop Waiting, Start Creating has a wealth of practical applications for eliminating anything that you may have thought was stopping you, and the invitation to go forth and create whatever you choose. I know I'll keep it handy and refer to it again and again. Thank you so much, Lisa Murray, for this gift of a book!"  Sara Licht, Horse Whisperer. Arizona, USA.

"When I really started playing with all my ideas, they came quick and fast. I didn’t know where to start. I could hardly keep up. I wanted to jump from one to the next - and back again - following the fireworks. 'Finish one thing before you move onto the next’, my mum’s voice rang over in my head. Was I wrong? ‘There is no ‘right way’ to create, just your way!’ I read chapter 4 before chapter 2. They were both amazing. There is no natural order to creating, no logical source of inspiration. I’m not even trying to work it out anymore. I’m playing with my ideas. Dancing with them. Some days we boogie - others, we jive. They’re alive and I’m listening. A book like no other - a gem in this little journey of mine. Creating magic, my way - and it’s okay. Lisa Murray, thank you."  Shayna Louise Fernando, Artist & Designer. Queensland, Australia.

"Oh no! I didn't want it to ever end. When I knew I only had 40 pages left to read. I panicked. I literally slowed myself down to snails pace because I was loving every word Lisa Murray wrote. I feel like my body has been caressed, opened up and been given the almighty shake up. It's true....I knew this was always possible. To see Lisa put words to what I've fantasized is possible, makes my heart sing. True seekers & creators of the world. This is the book you've been waiting for. It's arrived."  Alex Ava Kimball, Performer. Singapore.

"Stop Waiting, Start Creating is the book I’ve been craving. Lisa offers a very different perspective on some of my favourite topics like procrastination and self-judgement. The section titled ‘Being TOO much! The myth that keeps you small’ was awesome for me. And one of the practical ways this book helped me was to realise I had come to the conclusion that I needed to work hard and be seen to be working hard to be valued. I’m in progress on this one - practising creating with ease - much more fun!"  Cassandra Russell, Executive Coach. Brisbane, Australia.

(Note: Reviews are provided by beta readers who previewed the book prior to publication.)

Lisa Murray is available for interviews live and online.