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I’m so thrilled you’ve found the Creativity Lab Blog. What is it you would most like to change? Chances are something here can spark new possibilities, open up new spaces of creation, or invite you to be more creative. Loving your curiosity! xo Lisa

What Stops You From Making a BIG Ask?

You can have a few resolutions, or you can start a revolution! 2017 is here and it's truly time to create the phenomenal and amazing world we would be thrilled to live in!

Asking bigger is something we love talking about, but don't often do. Or we think we've asked bigger, but we haven't put any energy behind the ask so that it can actually come to life. 

Because I love to play, I created a game to gift you some insights into what could be stopping you from asking bigger.

How do you play?

1. Press play on the video below.

2. Ask 'What is stopping me the most from asking and creating BIGGER right now? 

3. Whenever you feel the energy change, hit the pause button. Read the card. Does it apply to you? If so how? What can you change?

4. If you'd like to start asking way bigger, join us for *The BIG Ask* Creation Adventure, from 16 January. It's going to be BIG! (And epic!)



What is a BIG Ask? It's different for every person. One person's BIG Ask is another person's small ask. You'll know if the ask is big enough for you because it makes you slightly uncomfortable, in a curiosity-producing way.

Please don't compare yourself to anyone... this is all about what YOU can create in your life and the world! What BIG Asks can create everything you desire?

What BIG Asks are you refusing to make in case you're disappointed again, or you get overwhelmed or you don't deserve it or you just can't follow through? What if starting is the most important action you can take?

What if you could leapfrog your energy into a new space of creating and actualising your ideas? The BIG Ask is a catalyst for inviting everything you desire - for you and the world!

When you make a small ask, you have to suffer your way towards it. When you make a BIG Ask, you literally take yourself out of the limited logic that defines working hard, suffering, putting others first, having too much to do... and into the space of true creation.

How? You can't make a BIG Ask logical or linear. You have to embrace the creative chaos and the magic and miracles that can make it possible. 

Are you ready for some fun? Join The BIG Ask here!

And, just for fun, here are the cards for you to share and play with. I wonder what they can contribute to you? What pleasure can you have in exploring and expanding what is possible?

Are you ready to join *The BIG Ask* Creation Adventure? It's 21 days of asking, being and receiving magic with Lisa Murray from 16 January 2017. Register Or Find out more.         


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