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I’m so thrilled you’ve found the Creativity Lab Blog. What is it you would most like to change? Chances are something here can spark new possibilities, open up new spaces of creation, or invite you to be more creative. Loving your curiosity! xo Lisa


Creativity is the creation of something that hasn’t existed before. It might be art, an adventure, an act of kindness or the activation of a world-changing dream.

Your words and ideas change the world… IF you set them free. Keeping your creations closeted and hidden is how you limit what’s possible in the world.

When I worked in corporate I worked with a lot of people who loved to withhold their brilliance, their contribution and their creative magic. They enjoyed the power of withdrawing, rather than the potency of setting creative chaos loose in the world.

I was always mystified by this… I didn’t really get the joy in actively creating limits to what was possible. It’s an odd kind of power that a lot of people love to employ. Just look around!

What makes people choose something so limited? My sense is that they secretly don’t believe they can create a different future, so they make sure they can’t fail by never even trying.

The world we live in mostly rewards this. It kills our creativity in the saddest of ways. What is even more unsettling is that we allow it.

Coffee has become the morning creativity pill for millions of people - and it doesn’t really seem to do the job all that well!

What is your drug of choice? It’s the one that keeps you tame, limited, quiet and logical - maybe it’s coffee, maybe it’s social media, maybe it’s sex or alcohol, maybe it’s being a peacemaker, maybe it’s being a hard worker or a good wifey or not having enough money to choose what you truly desire…

We tell ourselves that these things make us more creative. Sometimes they might, mostly they don’t. Mostly they are the ‘easy’ option that makes us feel kind of alive for a moment or two, but they don’t create the kind of alive that makes you leap out of bed with joy running through your veins.

So… I’m suggesting a creative (r)evolution.

Seven days *without* your drug of choice… to be replaced with one simple act of creativity when you first wake up. Here are a few ideas to get you started…


Day 1 :: Leave a pen and paper beside your bed. Write the first five things you think upon waking. This may accurately (terrifyingly!) describe your current life. Now write five things you wish would be in your mind when you wake up… this may be the more creative life you are truly desiring. What can you change today? #taketheleap


Day 2 :: Get out of bed!!! Make one tiny space in your life more beautiful. Tidy it up. Put a collection of your gorgeous things together in a way you haven’t done before. Add a colour pop that makes you happy. Take a photo and show us your creation. #beautyiseverywhere


Day 3 :: Write a love letter to you. Express your admiration and acknowledgement for all that you are creating and all that makes you happy. #somuchalive


Day 4 :: Draw a treasure map… include everything you’d love to be different about your life. Ask the universe to show you where you can start creating the change. #bethewildcard


Day 5 :: Go for a walk in nature (or at least around your neighbourhood). Let down the walls and barriers that you think keep you safe. Ask the plants and animals to contribute to you. Look closely at everything you are wandering past. What talks to you? What is it saying? What have you never heard or seen before? Write a short story about your adventure. #writeinyourvoice


Day 6 :: Take your camera on an artistic adventure. Ask it to show you the unseen, the undefined, the unexpected… invite new perspectives… new people… new creative inspiration. What did you discover about your creative energies? #creativeadventure


Day 7 :: Write a story about your week of creative (r)evolution. What’s different? What was magical? What inspired you? What new choices did you create? Where is this creative (r)evolution leading you? #playeveryday


If you’d like to make your creative (r)evolution a public act of consciousness… where you invite others to play, post on social media using the hashtags #creativitylab and the hashtag for the specific day.

I’ll be turning it up in the Creativity Lab Facebook group this week too… join us for creative playtime!




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